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Integrative Neurology

Integrative Neurology

who, what, how, and why

Integrative Neurology is the combination of traditional medicine/neurology with alternative based medicine/neurology. Alternative medicine/neurology is based on using natural substances, vitamins, supplements, and other methods of treatment. The emphasis is on prevention, and using non invasive methods of diagnosis and/or treatment. An Integrative approach means combining different methods to evaluate and treat a problem or condition.

The integrative approach uses vitamins, natural supplements, Eastern medicine methods, and a variety of therapies to prevent and treat conditions and symptoms. Examples of these additional integrative approaches are acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, physical, occupational, magnetic, and speech therapies. The use of vitamins/neutraceuticals has great advantages like, treating or preventing conditions without the serious side effects of pharmaceuticals. Acupuncture can be used to treat and heal the body of many illnesses including brain injuries, acute/chronic pain, infertility, and the overall well being. I have seen and personally experienced the healing of magnetic therapy.


An example of Integrative Neurology is to prevent and treat stroke by the use of vitamins . This condition occurs when there is an abnormality in the vascular system such as a blockage which cuts off blood supply. Certain substances in the blood (homocysteine), are associated with advanced atherosclerosis. However, this condition can be reversed with just vitamins. An additional appropriate treatment is Acupuncture to accelerate the healing and preventative processes.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Integrative Neurology helps children living with ASD by first assessing what goes wrong in the brain. Certain state of the art diagnostic tests can show how the brain is not functioning properly. Sometimes there is a problem with hormones that affect the brain. Once these are detected, they can be corrected with medications, vitamins/neutraceuticals, and/or other methods of treatment. Some examples of state of the art testing include QEEG and SPECT scans. When the SPECT scan shows a decrease of blood flow in the brain, then medication and/or hyperbaric oxygen is recommended.


Another good example of using vitamins/ neutraceuticals is for the prevention of glucose adhering to other molecules in the body. This is known to cause the complications of diabetes such as retinopathy, neuropathy, or nephropathy. This process is known as glycation. Moreover, an excess of serum glucose (typically associated with atherosclerosis in diabetes), causes an increase of glycation, and is prevented by the supplement called carnosine(1,2).

A different kind of example is the use magnets. Magnetic therapy has shown to have clinical benefits. The way this works is by applying magnets onto the part of the body that needs healing. A great example of this is the use of magnetic inserts into the shoes of diabetic patients with neuropathy. The consistent application of the magnet can in fact improve this symptom that traditional medicine cannot. Two western studies were performed utilized the classic double blind placebo controlled techniques, (3, 4).

I have seen the benefits of the following additional appropriate therapies for the reversal of diabetic neuropathy include light therapy (anodyne 5), powerful antioxidants that fight the oxidative stress, innovative use of existing pharmaceuticals, hyperbaric oxygen to treat the relative reduction of blood flow in the small vessels that nourish the nerves, (6), and acupuncture (7).

There are many other examples that can be cited, and can be reviewed in any text of integrative/ functional medicine (8).

An important final note about neutraceuticals (vitamins, supplements) is that because they are not regulated by any official agency, manufacturers are left to their own honest discretion about putting the correct amount and type of a given ingredient in the product. The public should be aware that they can ask for certificates of analysis to prove the quality and quantity of the presumed products.


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