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My Unique Experience

My Unique Experience

At the Brain Healing Center of America your health is our number one  priority.

Look around to learn about what you can expect.

"Superior doctors prevent disease. Mediocre doctors treat the disease before evident. Inferior doctors treat the full-blown disease."
Huang Dee:
Nai-Ching (2600 BC)

Office Procedures:

Intake/ Initial Evaluation

  • History, examination, order appropriate testing


Diagnostic testing

  • QEEG, SPECT, blood, saliva, urine, stool


Follow up evaluation/review test results

  • Detailed explanation, create individual treatment plan


Begin individual treatment plan

Interim Visits to Monitor Progress

Overview of your visit

Patients are encouraged to express their feelings and concerns with the practitioners.

The Brain Healing Center's practitioners are sensitive to your  feelings and opinions about the issues concerning you. It is of high importance to share as much information as possible so that your individualized plan is complete.


Neurofeedback, attention deficit disorder, ADD, ADHD,hyperactivity, Aspergers, autism, depression, anxiety, DAN doctor, Neurology